(Sc)Hairy act of love turns lifelong Goldilocks into Rapunzel

Once upon a time, in many countries far far away, lived an adventure seeking girl named Marly.
She was always happy and bright, loved to dance around and sing… and she wasn’t afraid of anything!

Yes my dear readers, sometimes life can be a real fairy tale.
I for one am used to living the most amazing adventures, dangerous dramas, magical moments and overwhelming odysseys along the way. But all that being said, yesterday was one of the scariest days of my life.

Let me start by telling you there are no evil witches or stepmothers in this story, nor have I had to fight any fire-spitting dragons. So what happened? Well, first of all I moved to the United States of America in January 2014. For some reason completely unrelated to the move as such, I started thinking about cutting my hair. Again.

I had been thinking about this for a long time now, maybe even years (!), but I always came to the conclusion that I loved my long golden locks. Either that, or the hairdressers themselves talked me out of it. “No, your hair is so beautiful! Don’t cut it!” —> “Eh, alright, if you say so….”

Locks of Love Donation 2014

Hair dressers all around the world have discourage me to dye my hair, get a perm, or cut it short for as long as I can remember…

To “cut” a long story short, a few days ago (while searching for hair salons in New Orleans) I found out about this non-profit organization called Locks of Love. Basically, what they do is make wigs for (financially disadvantaged) children who have lost their hair due to a medical condition called alopecia areata or other diseases causing them to have no hair of their own.

Now, before I continue, you have to understand that I have had long hair my whole life. And never have I ever had the guts to cut off more than a few centimeters in length. On the scarce occasions I was feeling really bold, I’d cut my hair in layers…. BIG DEAL, right?!

Well, yes! Big deal. HUGE deal. Because in order to donate my hair to Locks of Love I’d have to cut off at least 10 inches.

Locks of Love Donation: How much is 10 inches?

Locks of Love Donation: How much is 10 inches exactly?

February 5, 2014
Whichever way – or measure –  you put it, I knew I’d be scared to death. But I guess the charity in me is stronger than my fear. Or maybe I really am an adrenaline junkie, as one of my friends recently suggested. Either way, it took me a whole 15 minutes to make up my mind.
I would do this!!

I picked up the phone and made an appointment at the Paris Parker salon here in Uptown New Orleans. This was Wednesday night. “It” was already going to happen Thursday morning, giving me hardly any time to doubt my decision (Thank God!).

February 6, 2014

Judgment day.

I got up early, took a shower and brushed my hair. One last measurement in my bathroom mirror (see picture above) – how much is 10 inches exactly? – and I’d be ready to go. Or, so I thought. In reality, despite the almost sub-zero temperatures exceptional to the Crescent City, I spent most of the morning outside on the porch taking photos of me and my hair, going over all the different emotions spinning through my mind.

Locks of Love Donation 2014

“I don’t know… I am really going to do this?”

Locks of Love Donation 2014

“Noooo! I can’t do it! No way!”

Locks of Love Donation

Decision time: “Yes, I am really doing this!”

But I still did it. And it felt amazing.

Here. See for yourself how I a.k.a. lifelong Goldilocks have turned myself into Rapunzel. At the end of the movie, that is.
I haven’t had such short hair since…. well, since… forever!

Locks of Love Donation 2014


New continent. New country. New look.

Now all I have to do is hitchhike a ride onto the American Dream and I will live happily ever after……….. 😉

Locks of Love Donation 2014

Back on the porch afterwards: New country, new continent, NEW LOOK. 😀

* Sorry dad, I know how much you have always wanted your ‘little’ girl to have long hair!

** Thank you Paris Parker salon – and Reagan in particular! – for taking such good care of me, making me smile throughout the whole process and of course for sending off my LocksOfLove to this wonderful organization. I love my new look!! 😀

Locks of Love Donation 2014

The damage is done, and I am still smiling! “Look at the length of these ponytails!”

Locks of Love Donation 2014

“Bye bye goldi-locks… I hope you are going to make some kid really happy!”

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  • New continent, new look, new life! That’s exactly what I did when I moved to the Netherlands… 🙂

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