English to Spanish Translation: How to handle all adjectives

Ever worked on an English to Spanish translation? Better get your nouns and adjectives straight…Adjective Noun

Why?? Well, check it out for yourself.

little bag = pequeña bolsa
little green bag = pequeña bolsa verde
little green plastic bag = pequeña bolsa verde de plástico

little striped green plastic bag
= pequeña bolsa verde de plástico con rayas

But, is it? Here’s where confusion kicks in!
Because with respect to the latter phrase… Why would or why wouldn’t it be:
¿pequeña bolsa rayada de plástico verde?
¿pequeña bolsa verde de plástico rayado?
¿pequeña bolsa de plástico verde rayado?
¿bolsa de pequeño plástico verde rayado?

What??!!! Well, for those who dare, please tell me:
Is it the bag that is striped? Is it the plastic that is green? Is it the bag that is little? Or maybe it is a bag of little green plastic? 🙂

Someone who’d like to try and explain to us how to determine which of the sentences above is correct and/or the one with the intended meaning? …..Anyone?


Now if this seems confusing, frustrating or the perfect recipe for an afternoon of crazy dizzyness… maybemost definitelythe profession of translator is not your road to salvation.

If, however, you are like me and you love puzzles, riddles and rebuses – because that really is what translation comes down to sometimes – please proceed into the world of complicated technical professional English….
(Or should I say professional technical complicated English?? 😉 )

A little sneak peek:

–> Out-of-the-box pre-defined high security data collecting method
==> Fuera de la caja pre-definido alta seguridad datos recolectando método??????

Ha!… Conclusion?
I ♥ languages.


And for those of you who don’t enjoy any of all of the above?
Are you struggling with a Spanish to English translation or vice versa? Don’t worry, just contact me. 😉

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