Early Language Development

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Baby Better At Languages

A list of 5 ways in which YOU can stimulate your child’s early language development We know that young children tend to develop their first language skills in the second year of life. We also know that language learning is a natural and instinctive process. But did you know that, as a parent, you can have a
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Colours of your Country

What’s the colour of your country?

♫ Oops… I did it again! ♫ I have recently moved to Melbourne, Australia. Another country, another continent. Didn’t I report that exact same thing in 2014? I did indeed! Not a new hair cut this time, but the clear-cut realisation that I am finally fulfilling the dream of living in this part of the world. As
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Southeast Asia - Land of the Temples

Backpacking Southeast Asia

Yes, it is true. I have set off on a new travel adventure. New, since I haven’t been full-time traveling for a couple of years. New, as the route will zigzag through Southeast Asia, an area unknown to my travel agenda. But mostly new, because for the first time in my life I am not
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Navigating the Netherlands

Navigating the Netherlands

Being busy feels great. Especially when doing fun stuff. Unfortunately, it also means that there is no time left for writing about all the fun stuff you have done and the awesome things you have seen. In short, we know we still owe our friends a story on all of our adventures in the Netherlands.

Berlin: Museum Island

Germany: a dream for UNESCO lovers

We rolled off the ferry in Rostock, Germany, at 6:30 AM. Check-in at the hotel won’t be until the afternoon, so we chose to drive an extra hour to the historic city of Stralsund. A great opportunity to check yet another UNESCO World Heritage location off our list!

Swedish Sea Side

Across the Baltic Sea

After a couple of days of running errands in my hometown, we packed up our bags and the family car. Came Thursday morning, it was time for the drive from Deurne to Gothenburg, Sweden. Except for a few hours of slow moving traffic in Germany, the first stretch of our European road trip went well.

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