Being a girl who travels…

Volcano boardingBeing the girl who travels

So you’ve all probably heard about the article that’s going around on the internet: “Don’t date a girl who travels“, making a number of ferocious generalizations, but yet scary accurate assumptions about women who (like to) travel.

Even while reading it, I felt like someone was ripping my heart out. Did the writer secretly read my diary?! Is it a bad thing to not care about materialistic stuff, or get bored by the average guy blurting out all sorts of “look how great I am and see how cool my car is” stuff without really sounding the least bit intelligent?

The more I read, the more I had to admit to myself that I am one of this supposedly weird species of free spirited, nature-loving adventurers. But as I was smiling from ear to ear, even laughing out loud for certain observations on “us travelers”, I felt my heart racing and my stomach turning.

Hm… Ouch. Would there not be a single guy out there who can keep up with me?
But, but… I heard my inner voice protesting. What about my life-long dream of becoming a young and fun mother to at least two adorable and (of course) intelligent kids?!

Adi ZarsadiasAre you seriously telling me these two dreams are not compatible?! HOW DARE YOU CONFIRM MY WORST FEARS!! 😉

And then, just as I thought I might have to re-think my whole life’s strategy and outlook… (yet again)… there came the antidote! Yay for Stephanie Ridhalgh! Hurrah for her article “Why you absolutely should date a girl who travels“!!

For she has reminded me that not only am I smart, easy-going and understanding, I am among the hardest working women out there, able to always pleasantly surprise you if you give me a try and… I like myself and the way I look.

But the best thing about being me? Somewhere is always home.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Home is where the heart is. But between you and me? I wouldn’t mind it being stolen one day. That is, IF he can keep up with me… 😉

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