About Me

Through my company MGM Language & Leisure I provide a wide range of language services to companies and individuals all around the world. But what about me as a person?

My name is Marly Lutters and I am originally from the Netherlands. As a result of my infinite curiosity and eagerness to learn, I found a zest for cultural immersion and foreign languages from a very young age.

At age 8, thanks to my parents and many international friends, I was already fluent in Dutch, English and German. By the time I went to high school, at age 11, I was thrilled with the opportunity to learn Classic Greek, Latin and French and study the above mentioned languages in more depth.

My love for languages only grew throughout college. I completed two fully English study programs, while taking Spanish as a minor. I have a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and a Master’s degree in Marketing Management from the University of Tilburg, Netherlands.

Upon completion of my studies, the world was calling me in a way I could not resist. I set off on a backpacking adventure that led me to visit over 20 countries, meet the most amazing people and learn about many different and remote cultures. The journey ended in South America, where I then lived for four years.

I have held diverse positions in Marketing, Communication and Tourism, including Marketing Associate, Internet Marketing Agent, Marketing Communication Specialist, and Multilingual Tour Guide. Simultaneously, as I have become a language reference to my international network, I employ my organisation and communication skills to help companies and individuals around the world with the management of different projects.

In 2013, I moved back to the Netherlands to turn my passion into a full-time profession by starting my own language company.

Currently, as of 2014, I am living in New Orleans, LA, United States, where I continue to offer my services as a multilingual educator, translator, interpreter and tour manager.

Download my Curriculum Vitae (PDF)