A lifelong holiday

Six Month Vacation

Most of us do not have the luxury to be traveling every single day of our lives. There’s this little thing called money, which you supposedly make by doing this other thing called work, and which unfortunately you need to do this amazing thing called EXPLORING THE WORLD.

Unless you are a travel writer or journalist, or something similar, enabling you to actually call exploring the world your work (those bastards!), you probably recognise the feeling described in the picture above. So for all of you who want to feel the thrill of traveling more than just 2 or 3 weeks a year: here’s an idea. Be a tourist in your own city or town!

Now I can just hear you think… How in the world would I do that?!

The answer is surprisingly simple. All you need to do is two things:
1. Buy a couch (any type of mattress will also do)
2. Invite random people into your home…. :-)

Say what?!
Yes. You go do that!
No. I am not delirious. I haven’t lost my mind. And in case you’re wondering? I am not insane either.

I am of course talking about the travel community website called Couchsurfing.
Just create a profile, tell the world something about yourself, be nice to visitors and… ENJOY.

Right on your doorstepI can promise you that seeing your own town through the eyes of complete strangers can totally change your mind about your everyday life and surroundings. Seeing their excitement makes you appreciate it so much more. You’ll be travelling without having to go anywhere. Adventure will literally come to your doorstep!

You’ll meet the most amazing people from all around the world, whom you’ll get to visit the next time you really can’t shake the travel itch. And the best thing about all this? It’s FREE. Yes. Really. F-R-E-E.

Oh, and did I mention that the beautiful reviews you get from your ‘surfers’ are the best medicine for those off-days when even your morning coffee can’t cheer you up?

Yay for more holiday! Whenever, wherever. :-)

* For the record, I am not an employee of or in any other way associated with Couchsurfing. Just a fan!
** Writing this article has reminded me of all the travel adventures of my own. Boy do I need to update my CS profile.
*** Need tips or tricks about traveling or just want to chat? Look me up on CS or Facebook!

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