2014: Year of the Road Trip

The United States of America: Land of the Road Trip

Now that I am about to leave New Orleans, I have started looking back on my time in the United States. With a new journey already knocking on the door, I figured that a report on my USA adventures is long overdue. So, here it goes.

The one thing that stands out from 2014 is undoubtedly the road. Now, I am not talking about the horrible condition of almost all roads in New Orleans, ridden with holes, crumbling asphalt, and construction zones. Although that would probably be worthy of a blog post on its own. 😉

Nope. The road I am thinking about refers to US Highways.

Many, many, many miles of US Highways…

Road Tripping USA

2014: Year of the Road Trips throughout USA


After Mardi Gras and St Patrick’s Day had hit the town of New Orleans, I was once again bitten by the relentless travel bug. The bastard never seems to leave me alone for more than a few months at a time. I had to get out of the city!

So I took a week off from work and decided to dedicate myself to the business of random exploring. And where do you go to get the All American Experience? That’s right.

TEXAS, here I am!

Houston Skyline

Houston Skyline

Houston USA

Downtown Houston Mural: An Explosion of Colors!

Road Trip to Texas

Road Trip to Texas

Statue San Antonio

What?! Did I just take this photo? Downtown San Antonio.

Tower of the Americas

Where are we going? To the Tower of the Americas!


Well, that did it. Give me a little taste of travel and I become insatiable.

So less than a month later, I called up a buddy of mine in Arizona and told her I was coming to visit.

To give you an idea, I had not seen or spoken to this girl in six years. “Sure thing”, she said, “why don’t we go on a little camping trip? That’ll be fun!” Yes. Why don’t we?

I love my friends. 🙂

Arizona Highways

Arizona Highways: Truly something else!

Camping Trip Arizona

Camping Trip to Tucson, Arizona: Back to Basic!

Cactus Arizona

Sonoran Desert Arizona: Saguaro Cacti Paradise

Arizona Highway Scenery

Arizona Highway Scenery


What happens when Marly starts a new adventure? She meets someone. Turns out, this time around I haven’t only found a life partner, but a great travel partner too! 🙂

We passed the Texas Test with flying colors, so there we were driving to his Home State.

North Carolina.

Yes. For a wedding!

On the road again

On the road again: I absolutely love going on road trips!

Exiting New Orleans

“Bye New Orleans, we’ll be back soon!”


Summer had come and so we decided it was time to step up our game. The Road Trip of all Road Trips!

We drove right across the United States of America, from South to North and back again. Such an amazing drive!

Not to mention all the great cities we visited. From New Orleans to Memphis, Tennessee, then to St. Louis, Missouri.

Road Trip across the US

The Road Trip of all Road Trips: We are going to drive straight across the US!

Road Trip Views

Road Tripping USA: One stunning view after the other!

Downtown St Louis

Entering St Louis, Missouri: First View on the Sky Line

Historic Route 66

Historic Route 66: A Dream come true!

OK, I’ll admit.

I fell in love with the Arch. And with taking photos from the Arch.

St Louis Streetview

Streets of St Louis: See the Arch yet?

Downtown St Louis

Downtown St Louis: Driving towards the Arch…

Gateway Arch, Missouri

Gateway Arch, Missouri: I just can’t take my eyes off of you…

Gateway Arch St Louis

St Louis, Missouri: Gateway Arch by Night. Wow.

All that beauty and we hadn’t reached our goal yet!

Time to drive all the way up to Chicago, Illinois.

And for the way back? We came up with a different route to take. The country route.  Just because we can. 😉
From Chicago we drove through Indianapolis, to then haul all the way to Cave City, Kentucky. Yes, the absolute middle of nowhere. With an impressive system of caves, however.

Chicago Stadium

Chicago Baby: Celebrating 100 years of Cubs Glory!

Corn Fields in Kentucky

Miles and miles of corn fields in Kentucky

Kentucky Barn

Kentucky Barns: Iconic elements among the endless corn fields

After visiting the Mammoth Caves early in the morning, it was again time to hit the road! On the schedule for today? Some good ole honkytonking in Nashville, Tennessee! 😀
However hard it was to leave that party place, we did arrive for a very late “dinner” in Birmingham, Alabama. And then finally, we got back to New Orleans in the morning. Good night! Or should I say, good morning?

Welcome to Louisiana

Welcome to Louisiana: We’ve made it back!

Nottoway Plantation

Louisiana: Land of Beautiful Plantation Homes…

November – December

Holiday season in America. Home Sweet Home.

For Thanksgiving ánd Christmas.

So here we go again. Two trips from New Orleans to North Carolina!

Just a nice little 850 mile / 1350 kilometer drive – one way – to make it to the dinner table in time. Gotta get that turkey! 😛

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey on the Dinner Table in North Carolina. Yummy!

Christmas Tree Shopping

Christmas Tree Shopping: “We just got to get the right one!”

What is your dream road trip?
Did you get stuck on planning it or did you go out and hit the road?
Any favorite (US) locations? Tell me! I can always use more inspiration for future travels! 😀

2 Responses to “2014: Year of the Road Trip

  • Hola Marly! Wat gaaf allemaal! Als ik het zo lees is het een goeie move voor je geweest van Arg, tussendoor NL, naar de USA. 😉 🙂 Ik zal jullie avonturen met veel plezier volgen via de blog, leuk!! Heel veel plezier op jullie roadtrip!!! Xx Jose

  • Hee Josefina! Wat leuk om weer eens van je te horen!
    Jazeker, toch wel een goede move he… 😉 Het grote Azië en Australië avontuur begint al over een paar dagen. Ongelooflijk, maar waar! 🙂

    Beso! Marly

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