I have completed numerous translation projects for companies and individuals all around the world. My service ensures that clients receive great language flexibility, cultural awareness, eye for detail, and respect for (tight) deadlines. Practice areas vary from IT to Marketing and Psychology to Law, with documents ranging from small flyers to complete websites. What never varies is the quality of the translation provided.


Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for different events and industries, such as business meetings, legal proceedings, and medical settings. My cultural knowledge has also been crucial in the organization of international events. Subtitling and dubbing of recordings with a timing precision up to one-hundredth of a second. Spoken interpretation in Dutch, English and Spanish.


I have over 10 years of experience in teaching and tutoring foreign languages. My classes are fun, interactive, and very educational. Practice and exercises, using your own or custom materials, focus on speaking, reading, and writing - including grammar. If so desired, we can focus (mainly) on communication. Private or mini-group classes are held at my residence or internationally. Languages: Dutch, English, German, and Spanish.

Content Creation & Editing

Through my keen eye for detail on the correct use of grammar, orthography, and punctuation, I have created and perfected academic publications, company brochures, websites, blogs, curriculums, and books. As a former Marketing Communication Specialist, I have extensive experience in writing and editing online and offline corporate communications. Contact me to edit or proofread your creative outburst!

Tour Guiding & Management

My early love for foreign languages and cultures led me to develop a passion for travelling. I have worked as a multilingual tour guide and manager for individuals and groups on diverse projects in South America and Europe, dealing with issues such as flight cancellations or unsatisfactory hotel services, budgets, and tight schedules. Whatever the event or journey, I literally go the extra mile to give visitors the time of their lives.

Other Services

Knowledge of languages comes in handy for lifting cultural barriers, preventing and solving misunderstandings, or simply smoothening communication. In short, in a large number of situations, personal or business, people can benefit greatly from the presence of a multilinguist. Whatever your language need, please contact me to discuss the details of your project. If I can be of any assistance, I will be more than happy to help.


MGM Language & Leisure provides a wide array of language services in the academic, commercial and technical field.

Advanced knowledge of specific professional terminology and developments is available in-house for different industries, including: Information Technology (IT), Marketing, Telecommunications and Tourism.

Unless otherwise specified, services are offered in all combinations of the following languages:

English Deutsch Español Français Nederlands Português