Pursuit of Happiness…no more! Carnaval meu amor!

Carnaval meu amor!

February 2013. This particular journey led me to the Northeast of Brazil.

Carnaval de Rua 2013 in the streets of Brazil

Carnaval meu amor! The streets of Brazil fill up with an enormous enthusiastic crowd!

Time to enjoy the incredible festivities of Carnaval, together with thousands (if not millions) of extremely enthusiastic Brazilians and foreigners (!) dressed up from anything between Marilyn Monroe and Silly Ho (classic!).

Marilyn Monroe ready for Carnaval in the streets of Olinda!

Marilyn Monroe ready for Carnaval de Rua in the streets of Olinda!

Carnaval in Olinda & Recife is one of the three biggest Carnavals in Brazil, after Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. The festival is referred to as “Carnaval de Rua”, which translates into “Carnaval of the Streets” in English.

Its name really does honor the event(s), as the streets of Olinda started filling up every day from 11am onwards. OK, some days it might have been midday… most likely caused by a typical case of everyone suffering from a serious version of the beautiful phenomenon called hangover.


Either way, from early on, crowds do their best to become or remain drunk enough to enjoy the heat, the noise, and the pressure.

On average you have about one inch to ‘freely’ move yourself and at least 5 people wayyy up in your personal space – not recommended for claustrophobics! – while the police encourages everyone to “Brinque na Paz”. That’s right. Have Fun in Peace.

Carnaval de Rua Olinda 2013

Carnaval de Rua 2013 in Olinda: Police encouraging everyone to “Have fun in peace”.

Then, after standing (or balancing for some) on your feet for over six hours, and only if you’re lucky enough, you get to push yourself into an over-crowded bus, cutting off your air supply and blood circulation, to practically breathe other people’s sweat.

Yeah baby, Recife here we come!
Nauseous or not, the show must go on. Dance till you drop and drink till you pop.

Carnaval de Rua 2013, Recife, Brazil

Carnaval de Rua 2013 in Recife: Dance till you drop!

Carnaval de Rua 2013, Recife, Brazil

Drink till you pop! Cheers! And then sit tight… ;-)

Just don’t even think about reaching a toilet in time… This is Carnaval, meu amor! :)

Carnaval de Rua 2013, Olinda, Brazil

You better bring some patience if you have to go to the bathroom during Carnaval de Rua! Good luck!

Well, I can truly say: Mission accomplished.
It was FUN. Five days of good old uncomplicated FUN. Without witnessing a single fight.

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I’ll finish this post with a little inspiration from the road signs and billboards all around the area: “La alegría está nas ruas“!

Indeed. Happiness simply lies in the streets in Brazil.

No need for complicated pursuits… all you need to do is enjoy. ;-)

Carnaval de Rua 2013, Recife, Brazil

Even the billboards say it: “Happiness lies in the streets!”

So whatta ya say… See you next year?! :D

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