Germany: a dream for UNESCO lovers

Germany: a dream for UNESCO lovers 

Museum Island - Berlin

Museum Island, Berlin. Click on the photo to go to the Facebook album!


We rolled off the ferry and into Rostock, Germany, at 6:30 in the morning. Since we wouldn’t be able to check into our hotel until the afternoon, we chose to drive an extra hour to the historic city of Stralsund. We took the opportunity to visit this city’s old town to check another UNESCO World Heritage location off our list. We seem to be on a mission here in Europe!

Meandering through Stralsund’s streets, we encountered the imposing Mariënkirche, rows of colorful Brick Gothic and Renaissance homes, the Kütertor (city gate) with the intact city wall, views of Strela Sound, and finally the vibrant Hanseatic city center. Afterwards, we popped into a bakery for some delectable German pastries.

Stralsund Alter Markt

Stralsund Alter Markt

Stralsund Historic City Center

All sorts of colorful houses in the Historic City Center of Stralsund

On the road again, this time taking the long way back to Rostock, we could enjoy the beautiful Baltic Sea Coast. We first stopped in the village of Niepars where a quaint 13th-century church caught our eye. In the peninsula area of Darß we climbed through the dunes to enjoy some sunny time on the beach.

Back in the hotel in Rostock, we opted to visit the seaside district of Warnemünde instead of yet another historic city center – that of Rostock itself. More beaches, the boulevard with a landmark lighthouse, rows of picturesque old town fishermen houses, and more perfect sunny weather. :-)  We wandered around the Alter Strom in search of a prime place to grab some traditional German food, ending up at Zur Traube for a nice fish dinner and Rostock Pilsener. Prost! Just before we headed back to the hotel to recoup after a long day of touring, we caught the sunset over the sea. What a day.


Off to Berlin! We made it to the capital around 11:30 and were soon off to see the sights. First up was Olympiastadion, home of the 1936 Olympic Games. Next, we hopped aboard the U-Bahn towards the Tiergarten for a beer in the park and the ascent of the Victory Column.


Olympiastadion: 1936 Summer Olympics

Victory Column

Siegessäule in Tiergarten Park

On to the Reichstag, where we sampled some “wursts” outside the Brandenburg Gate, got lost in the Holocaust Memorial, visited the site of the Fürherbunker, wandered through Potsdamer Platz, and ultimately ended up at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum. The museum was a chaotic Cold War info overload, but fascinating to delve into all the same.

Big smiles in the Holocaust Memorial (?!)

Big smiles in the Holocaust Memorial (?!)

Brandenburg Gate

You all know where this is!

Drained after extended museum time, dinner was long overdue. We caught a train to the Friedrichshain district, where we enjoyed an amazing schnitzel at Keule Berliner Mundart. Exhausted from touring all day, our full tummies definitely made us sleepy. Back to the hotel for us!


Another day in Berlin begins with a trip to Charlottenburg Palace, where we strolled through the immaculate gardens. Next on the tour was the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Known as “The Hollow Tooth”, the church still shows extensive damage as a result of WWII bombing.

Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom on Museum Island

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church… Or what is left of it…

Back at the Brandenburg Gate, we were lucky enough to stumble upon a largely kid driven pro-immigration protest. What an interesting sight. Here we began our walk to Museum Island. (Indeed. Another UNESCO World Heritage site. ;) ).

We snapped a few pictures of the ornate Berliner Dom before splitting up. Will went to see the ancient art in the Pergamon Museum and I grabbed a coffee on the banks of the Spree. We reunited and continued our walk to the Rotes Rathaus and the Television Tower, enjoyed “Berliner Pfannkuchen” on the Alexanderplatz before going all the way to the East Side Gallery to take a gander at all the Berlin Wall art.

Berliner Pfannkuchen

Have to taste a Berliner Pfannkuchen!

East Side Gallery – “My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love”

By then it was definitely time for some food, so we pigged out on döner kebab at Bistro Istanbul. Though pretty tired, it wasn’t quite time to call it quits, so we ventured once more to Friedrichshain and had a White Russian nightcap on the Simon-Dach Straße.


Our time in Berlin at a close, we bid farewell to the city and made our way to Potsdam for one last attraction – and one last UNESCO site – before heading home. Once reaching the palaces we began walking through the very extensive grounds. Took a few photo ops on the vineyard steps of Sanssouci, before entering to view the Rococo interior of Frederick the Great’s summer home. By 3.30 pm we hit the road again and drew a close to our cross country road trip.  Destination: Deurne.

Potsdam New Palace

Will at the New Palace: Just a Guest House for visitors…

Schloss Sanssouci

Schloss Sanssouci in Potsdam

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